8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Dinesh Kumar
April 2, 2021

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India  

If you want to earn some passive income, then affiliate marketing is one of the best options available in India. Many affiliate programs in India allow you to make sales every time which is done through an affiliate link on your website.

If you manage a website, you will need to create an account and sign-up for an affiliate or referral program. By signing up for affiliate programs and networks in India, you can put yourself at risk by supplementing your advertising revenue.

What is an Affiliate Network?

Affiliate networks connect middlemen and entrepreneurs (“publishers”) with companies (“merchants”) to provide affiliate program opportunities for their products or services. Through a single portal, affiliate networks provide publishers access to multiple affiliate programs. If the word sounds like tickling, don’t worry. Here is the important part

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing may be a new twist on an old idea: getting a fee once you mention a customer. You introduce your audience to a product or service and, if they use your unique affiliate site link, you earn a commission. There are even CPC (cost-per-click) affiliate programs that notify you every time someone clicks on your link (PPC or “pay-per-click”), as well as CPL (cost- Per-lead) also program pays you whenever you send.

Types of Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate programs differ in how and where they are advertised. Based on that, we can differentiate the following types of affiliate programs:

Social – These programs work best when advertising on social media, either through paid traffic or through affected people.

Search – Affiliate offers are searched through search engines, organized or paid advertising.

Content – This type of affiliate program is hidden in the text, articles, review sites, or blogs.

Coupons – Many sites collect coupons and discounts, and an affiliate program can offer exactly that.

Email – you’ve got probably received many of these Email affiliate programs that are still a major contender.

Everything I have described must be taken into consideration in order to make a fully informed decision.

The Ranking of the Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

1. Reseller Club

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Reseller Club is one of the most important reseller hosting companies in India. As a reseller affiliate, you’ll easily earn a minimum of Rs. Can earn. Can earn. Can earn. Can earn. 2,000 or a maximum of Rs. 8,000 per referral. Once you sign-up as an affiliate, you’ll manage your account and track your performance with a singular affiliate ID.

The following treat is compensated on a last-click premise and is legitimate for 60 days. The Reseller Club also offers several payment options, which are via PayPal or bank transfer. Minimum payment balance 50 Rs. is.

2. Flipkart Affiliate

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Flipkart is one of the most important e-commerce players in India. Flipkart’s reference payout is diverse for work area/versatile sites and portable applications apps. the typical commission ranges from 6% to twenty countings on the category.

Flipkart offers an assortment of associate devices like pennants, gadgets, and APIs to list Flipkart’s arrangements/items on its own site or application. 

you’ll track the performance of referral links and conversions with real-time reports provided by Flipkart.

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

3. Amazon Associates

Amazon is that the world’s largest e-commerce brand. You join Amazon’s partner showcasing program utilizing your current Amazon 

After signing up for the program, you’ll easily use SiteStrap to feature a link to your website.

Amazon allows you to make customized link text links, text and image links, and therefore the image only links to any product of your choice. The commission offered ranges from 0.2% to 10% counting on the merchandise category. Amazon’s affiliate program offers you commissions for other products that a user purchases after clicking on your affiliate link. for instance, if you’re promoting an oven and therefore the user clicks on the link but navigates and purchases the induction stove, you’re still receiving a commission, as long as you visit Amazon.

4. vCommisson

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

vCommission is India’s oldest affiliate network with over 18,000 affiliates. vCommisson works with driving internet business organizations like Agoda, Myntra, AliExpress and SnapDeal. The platform has over 14,000 publishers, making it the most important affiliate network in India.

The minimum payment limit on the platform is 5,000 / $ 100, and therefore the platform pays publishers on a 30-day cycle. o be qualified for the lead program from VCommission, your site should contain just English-language content.

5. BigRock Affiliate

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

BigRock is India’s premier domain registration and web hosting company. The affiliate program uses tracking and tracks sales on affiliate URLs. The following treat from BigRock is legitimate for 60 days. 

Apart from domain registration and web hosting, BigRock also offers services such as email hosting, website builder, and digital certificates. Standard commission starts at Rs 30 and can go up to 30% depending on what each product is offered.

6. CJ Affiliate

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Cj Affiliate is one of the world’s leading networks with 14 offices in the world. CJ has partnered with leading brands such as Go Pro, Barnes & Noble, Office Depot to mention a few.

Cj offers distributors to expand the estimation of offshoot organizations.  CJ is cookie-less tracking to ensure seamless tracking and commissioning even in the absence of CJ cookies across all devices and environments.

7. Shopify Affiliate

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Shopify is a sub-e-commerce platform that allows businesses to sell online. Shopify is free to join the program and will enable you to monetize your audience and earn commissions from each new Shopiz merchant referral. As a partner, you can make a normal of $ 58 for every client who pursues an installment plan with your extraordinary member connection and allude to $2000 for each Shopify Plus.

8. Clickbank

8 Best Affiliate Programs in India 
8 Best Affiliate Programs in India

Clickbank. It is a nice partner program that sells computerized items. . Because of this, their commission for the affiliate market is very generous (40%) and is not calculated as a percentage of Clickbank’s earnings (which is 1% higher than 7.5%) but as the owner’s percentage of the offer. in. , Also, paid twice a month, which is always welcome.

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